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Customer Success Stories

Tri MAP works with every customer on an individual basis. We believe that all customers, large and small, need personal attention. We specialize in custom and cost-effective solutions.

Custom 1U Enclosure

Tri MAP helped a small start-up company design and manufacture 100% of their product line. The company has since grown into one of the leading providers of Linux routing and power distribution hardware. We still work very closely with their engineering team and we take great care in manufacturing new products for them today.

Embedded Rackmount Enclosure

Tri MAP designed, proto-typed and now manufactures a custom enclosure that works as an embedded system for a medical application. All of the component research was performed by Tri MAP engineering staff. Now we coordinate all production, Mil-Spec plating and assembly. Manufacturing schedules are adjusted as necessary, from high to low volumes. With the results being a happy customer.

Complete Custom Product Solution to Satisfy UL Standards

When a project required fire-retardant polycarbonate windows and 5 color silk-screening on multiple parts, our customer chose Tri MAP. We provide multiple modified standard units with custom security doors. Working closely with our engineering team and manufacturing schedule, we meet the needs for more than 5 product lines. The units are UL certified and shipped all over the world.

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