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Design and Engineering Services

A custom product made in the USA does not have to be an expensive or painful project. Tri MAP has been providing these services for more than 20 years. We have intimate knowledge of the industrial enclosures and systems market. Let us be your design partner.

Standard Product Modification

Tri MAP manufactures all of our products with the understanding of flexibility. Every Customer and every requirement is unique. We recognize those priorities. All of our products can be modified. Modification can be anything from changing colors, to moving mounting holes, to complete panel design changes. We have engineering and production capabilities on-site. Changes are made quickly and cost effectively.

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Complete Product Design

On more than one occasion Tri MAP engineers have started a project with nothing more than a napkin sketch. The industry knowledge that our engineers maintain is only matched by their ability to put it into practical applications. Tri MAP can take your “napkin sketch” and turn it into a working prototype. Bring us your project ideas and designs. We can turn it into a functional project and support all of your delivery needs.

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The Big Debate - Aluminum vs.- Steel Construction

Tri MAP uses a large combination of Aluminum and Gal-X-C Steel.

Aluminum enclosures weigh roughly 64% less that Steel enclosures of the similar thickness. Tri MAP was one of the first enclosure manufacturers to use aluminum. A lighter unit is less expensive to ship and easier to maneuver into a rack installation. Aluminum does not rust and only needs to be allodyned when exposed to a corrosive environment.

Gal-X-C is a pretreated steel alloy which we started using in 2000. Gal-X-C will not rust in rugged environments. It is a stronger metal than aluminum, and makes a good material for our rugged slim line enclosures. The pre-treated steel nearly eliminated plating costs, improving manufacturing time.

Ask a sales person the benefits of Aluminum or Gal-X-C for your project.

Rapid Proto-Typing

What does “rapid” mean in today’s market place? Tri MAP’s standard turn around time for any given project is about 7 to 10 working days. Our goal is to bring your project to the marketplace as quickly as possible. All engineering and manufacturing is done on-site. We also anticipate that changes will need to be made to the proto-type based on customer approval.

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Product Documentation

In the world of regulations, documentation is a key part to any product. As part of our Continuous Improvement Program Commitment with ISO 9000, we keep product documentation available for many years. Tri MAP can also comply with customer documentation as necessary. Just request the documentation you need from your sales person.

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Screen Printing and Graphic Design

Tri MAP is in a unique position. We have an on-site graphics person who can provide logo assistance, artwork and film positives. Send us your logo and we can screen it on to any unit. Common requests include adding rear card guide markings and multi color logos. If you have an idea we can make it happen.








































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